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Welcome to the Mobile Police Museum based in West Yorkshire.

I am David Hardcastle and I deliver presentations on UK policing history at your premises or where ever your group meets, saving you the trouble of having to visit a museum, while also assisting those who have limited mobility to have access to history and entertainment.

I travel with a collection of historic and vintage police exhibits from the late 1800's through two world wars to modern times. The collection includes uniforms, head gear, handcuffs and truncheons, police technology, working police radios, modern police riot wear, equipment from WW2 and much more.

My mobile museum is a is a place where there are no queues, no barriers, no glass cases and no signs that tell you not to touch.

The presentation is designed to be both educational and fun and involves the audience. Volunteers can help to demonstrate the equipment but the whole audience is involved as we pass around the exhibits as we talk. Everyone is encouraged to try the items, see how they feel, work and even wear them, which I believe adds to the fun and helps to better understand how police officers work and how times have changed.

I am a retired police constable with 20 years of service, also an experienced museum tour guide.

A constable who is still happy to be of service to the community and actually come to your door.

So can I be of service to you or your organisation, group or school?

Feel free to contact me via email at;

or using the chat link on the bottom right of this page.

You can also call me on 07426101266 for a chat if you prefer.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Photo taken by Bradford Telegraph & Argus on Centenary Square, Bradford. At King Charles Coronation Day Event.



    BCB Radio interview 27-8-2023. CLICK TO PLAY

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    The police museum that comes to you!

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