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My Story

I have spent all my working life in customer service of one form or another, beginning with 10 years in retail and retail management. Followed by 20 years as a constable with West Yorkshire Police having spent 2 years prior as support staff and a special constable. During my 20 years of full time service I worked on patrol, as a tutor constable to new officers and in Roads Policing or as us older "Bobbies" called it, "Traffic". Also four years in a specialist road crime unit and time in the police control room. I believe all of this gives me the gift of being able to draw on experiences good and bad, to help bring into my presentations more realism and a connection to many or the exhibits I show, some of which were personally used "in action". 

I come from a long line of family connections with the police service. Both in support roles and also eight officers to date from WW2 to the present day. We are all very proud of those presently serving in any role and also with the youngest for recently qualifying and passing out as a constable, continuing the family tradition in what is certainly a more challenging roll in modern times. 

In retirement I have put together a private collection of police history exhibits spanning more than 170 years. I have also given 6 years service as a volunteer tour guide at my local police museum which I still dedicate time to, hopefully helping to keep the charity run museum going in these hard times, allowing access to education and affordable entertainment for everyone.

Part of my collection includes a genuine 1989 police rural motorbike which I use to entertain at outside events. You can read about this on one of the linked pages and it is available for such events. Feel free to contact me about having it, and me of course, at your event.


Not everyone is able get to a local police museum or to outside events. This is where my Mobile Police Museum can help, providing a service that brings a police museum and that great history to you as an interactive experience. As a child I loved museums and still do to this day however, I have never been one for barriers, no entry signs and glass cases. Of course sometimes these are very necessary to protect and preserve often unreplaceable historic items.

My intention with The Mobile Police Museum is to remove where ever possible those barriers, exclusions and glass cases. I have a very hands on approach to my presentations where the audience can handle and examine 99% of what I bring to show. My kind of a modern museum!

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