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Generic all forces.

pol upper rank 2.jpg

Senior ranks

york police 1.jpg

Specific forces.


Fire and ambulance

These generic tunic buttons are replacing most specific ones now as forces move to shared suppliers. They have been in use with West Yorkshire Police for decades. Great for any police officer, just joining, serving or retiring.

These senior rank buttons are generic to all forces for Chief Constable, ACC and the various other senior ranks across forces like the London Met who have a different higher rank system.

Also are just very smart in themselves.

I do stock cufflinks for most UK police forces but also for N Ireland and Scotland. Check my Etsy online store via the yellow shop button to see what I have. If you can't find what you want, just message me and I may be able to make some specially.

I also make and stock a range of Fire Service  cufflinks. The ones above are generic so good for all in the fire service as are my "crossed axes" you will find in the store. I also make for the Ambulance Service and St John's Ambulance too.

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