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The Crown Court Experience

New for 2024 is a The Crown Court Experience for young people.

This interactive event is designed for primary school aged children and is great for schools and organisations such as Scouts and Guides. Older children may well find it a very interesting experience too. Garments may not fit everyone but everyone has a part to play.

We hold court at your premises and everything needed will be provided with the exception of tables and chairs.

We can easily adapt to whatever room you have and whatever you have in the way of tables and chairs to set out the courtroom.

The scripts are easy to read out and everyone involved will be guided through their part with as much help as needed, to ensure they enjoy it and get something out of it.

Although this is presented as a serious event, just like a real court with real court rules, it is designed to be a fun learning experience. Mistakes are no problem at all. That is what the court clerk ( me ) is for, to make sure all goes well and we all keep a smile on our faces and enjoy it while we learn something. Of course I will be in costume too.

Nine people are needed to play parts but it can be run with eight, and we need a jury, which should be 12 people or more. We can have a larger jury or more than one jury if we have enough.

How the event works

The short version of the event is designed to last for approximately one hour, with 30 minutes time added for jury deliberation and questions. Ideal for evening meeting groups such as Scouts and Guides.

For schools, this is done as a morning or afternoon event and includes additional time for a talk about the history of the UK justice system. It can be set in a particular period such as the Victorian era, to tie in with the school history curriculum if you wish or to cover modern day British crime and punishment and values.

For Scouts and Guides or other groups who generally have less time available to them, we aim to complete the event within 1.5 hours.

Fees range from £49 (for the shorter 1.5 hour session), to £60 for full mornings or afternoons for schools, or indeed for Scouts Guides or others if you so wish and have the time ( up to 3 hours are allowed).

Schools can take advantage of a full school day visit if they wish and include the ever popular Mobile Police Museum interactive police history talk for one half of the day if they wish. This is option is very popular with schools and is cost effective at only £100 for the day. We can set the day and content out to best suit your subject matter or wishes. Just make contact with me to discuss.


Please feel free to contact me any time. This event can be tailored to suit most situations or requirements. I am happy to plan it with you so that you and your group or school get exactly what you want from it and of course, the most content and fun we can squeeze into it too.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Or use my contact page on the website.

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