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Introducing The Mobile Police Museum - Enhancing History and Social Topics in 2023-2024.

Please also see the new for 2024 courtroom experience. Something very different and something your students will never forget.

If your students are covering history or social aspects of the UK or local history, the one piece of that history that has been there throughout time from the late 18th century onwards has been law and order, crime and punishment, the office of Constable and the justice system. With the Victorian Era, WW1 and WW2 on the history curriculum and of course British Values as a subject for all a visit from the mobile Police Museum  can be a valuable asset. We can talk about all the above and policing just in certain periods including modern times, with visits planned to your requirements working closely with teachers. If you feel I can be of service read on.

I believe The Mobile Police Museum is an exceptional and affordable educational resource, with a deep commitment to fostering historical understanding and an understanding of society. A visit to your school provides a unique opportunity to enhance the teaching of history and social topics in primary during the coming academic year.

My Museum is a travelling interactive exhibition and talk that aims to bring the rich history of law enforcement and its impact on society right to your school's doorstep. It offers an engaging and interactive experience for students of all abilities, allowing them to delve into the past, explore the evolution of law enforcement and deepen their understanding of social issues that have shaped our communities.

Here are a few key features and benefits of The Mobile Police Museum:

  1. Immersive Exhibits: The Mobile Police Museum features a variety of captivating exhibits, including historical equipment and uniforms. These exhibits provide a hands-on experience for students, helping them connect with the material and gain a deeper appreciation for history. Unlike a static museum, everything on display at this mobile museum can be handled, worn and fully experienced.

  2. Historical Perspective: By showcasing the evolution of UK law enforcement over time, The Mobile Police Museum offers a unique perspective on policing. Students can examine how social norms, advancements in technology and changing legislation have influenced law enforcement practices.

  3. Relevant and Timely Topics: The Mobile Police Museum addresses a range of important social topics, such as community policing, diversity and inclusion, crime prevention, and the role of law enforcement in society, themes that are crucial for students to understand as responsible citizens and contribute to their social and emotional development.

  4. Customized Learning Experiences: The Mobile Police Museum presentation and exhibits cover periods from the late 18th and 19th century, the Victorian era, the world wars and through to the 21st century. Presentations can be tailored to align with specific needs and curriculum of each school, ensuring an enriching and age-appropriate experience for students.

  5. Learning By Having Fun: I travel with working historic police radios, through which the pupils can learn about police technology and communication. These radios are for pupils to have fun with and learn how the police communicate using the phonetic alphabet and why. Equipment for fingerprinting can be provided, again to be used to educate while having fun as well as other activities if time permits. 

  6. Flexible Options: The Mobile Police Museum offers flexible scheduling options, accommodating your school's academic calendar. Whether you prefer a single presentation, a morning, afternoon or day long visit, or multiple visits throughout the year, I can work with you to create a plan that best suits your needs with visiting fees from just £49. I am happy to meet with your teaching staff to plan the content of the event to ensure that your school, staff and students get everything they can out of this experience.

  7. Safety and safeguarding: Each event is pre-risk assessed to ensure the environment is safe and the presentation is adapted to the surroundings and for the needs of any SEND participants. Every exhibit is also pre-risk assessed and a short health and safety briefing is given prior to each part of the event, so students and staff know how to handle the exhibits and take part in any activity safely. I am of course DBS checked too!


As the present curriculum includes the Victorians, WW1 & WW2, crime & punishment and Law and order ( British Values), I strongly believe that The Mobile Police Museum would be an invaluable addition to your school's educational program in the upcoming academic year. Police history forms a part of all these curriculum subjects as it has been a constant part of society and a contributor to the history. It is perhaps, an interesting way to engage with students and encourage them to as questions and research aspects historical of society in the time period.

By incorporating this resource into your curriculum, you can provide your students with an enriching and immersive learning experience that goes beyond traditional textbooks and classroom discussions. A visit to you saves on transport costs and entry fees to a static museum and also the logistics, plus many of the health and safety issues of travel and permissions from parents and carers.

Through the Summer recess of 2023 I have delivered a series of talks at Ravenscliffe High School, Halifax, an SEND school. The sessions were for children from across the Halifax area and arranged through Calderdale Council. We are had a lot of fun while of course learning something about police history, justice and how the police form part of social history. My visits were particularly enjoyed by primary school children on Oxenhope and other districts with more visits planned for them and other schools in 2024 for years 4-6. 

Year 6 at Oxenhope Primary, delivering an interactive talk and activities covering crime and punishment for the history curriculum. I will be returning there in February 2024 to deliver a similar session to the rest of the school covering part of British values.

There is still time to have a visit for 2024 or if planning ahead then into 2025 but I work with a very full diary, so please get in touch. I will be happy to come to you in period police attire if you wish, to discuss your needs and what I can offer.

To discuss the possibilities further or to schedule a visit to your school, please do not hesitate to contact me to ensure a date can be available for you. I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and help facilitate the arrangement of this exciting educational opportunity by visiting you for a chat.

Thank you for considering a visit from The Mobile Police Museum. I am confident that our collaboration will inspire and empower your students to become active learners and conscientious members of our society.

I am looking forward to the possibility of working together.

David Hardcastle.

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