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  • Most presentations are approximately 60 minutes duration and can be broken into two 30 minute segments to allow for a comfort break.

  • A optional question and answer session is added at the end of the 60 minutes but can be incorporated within the 60 minutes if preferred.

  • Consideration is given to the demographic / age / ability of the audience, so that only suitable content is included, for example for children.

  • The audience are welcome to try on uniforms at the conclusion of the presentation if the organisers wish this.

  • The scope of content and exhibits can be altered to suit a particular request or to conform to a school curriculum, such as a concentration on a certain time period for example, WW2 or the Victorian era.

  • Should you have any other requests I am happy to accommodate where ever possible.

  • Use of a large table or tables would be appreciated for the exhibits and to make them accessible to your group.

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